Hello, I'm Stephanie


And I make sabbaticals and life abroad accessible to Black women.

How I Make Sabbaticals Accessible

House Sitter School

I teach house sitting newbies how to find and book their very first house sit so that they can have free travel accommodation. It really is genius.

House Sitter School

ExodUS Summit

I'm the co-founder of ExodUS Summit, THE sabbatical and move abroad summit that teaches Black women how to live their travel dreams. 


ExodUS Summit

Get Found on YouTube Masterclass

What if your YouTube channel fully supported you and brought your ideal clients to you? Let me teach you. Take my Get Found on YouTube masterclass.

Get Found on YouTube

Vaycarians Sabbatical Fund

My community donates money to fund Black women's sabbaticals. In 2023 we gave $25,000 to New Orleans visual artist Myesha Francis. In 2024, we're raising money for musician Alecia Renece.

Sabbatical Fund

Job Detox:

A Framework for Black Women to Stop Striving and Get Free

 The digital version of my book, Job Detox, is available for pre-order now. The book is available Summer 2024. 

Buy Job Detox Now




About Stephanie Perry


At age 41, I took a gap year from my job as a hospital pharmacy technician to travel the world for a year on savings. I visited 12 countries in 12 months all on just $1200 per month. Seeing how people live and work around the world showed me how work-centric and stifling life is in the US. 

I became a year-round house sitter and pet sitter and a coach for Black women interested in bopping around the world.

Now, through¬†my YouTube channel,¬†I help Black women reject ‚ÄúBlack Excellence‚ÄĚ and embrace ease through house sitting, sabbaticals and life abroad.¬†

I co-founded an engaged Facebook group¬†‚ÄĒ¬†ExodUS Summit¬†‚ÄĒthat's 16,000 strong! And my 164,000+ YouTube subscribers, The Vaycarians, have¬†given over $30,000 to support Black women on their sabbaticals.




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For Speaking Engagements

Speaking for Conferences and Groups

I speak at in-person and online events like conference, summits, retreats and workshops. 

If your group of Black women wants to learn to take a Job Detox, I want to help them do it.

Guest Interviews on Your Platform

If you'd like to have me as a guest on your podcast, YouTube channel, Instagram Live or Facebook group, email me.


What I Talk About 

Stephanie is my Travel Yoda. When I was overwhelmed with planning my sabbatical, her help rescued me.



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