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Stop Stalling

You know you have a message to share. Why aren't you sharing it? No, you don't need to make YouTube a full-time job to grow your channel and your audience. But you DO need to make videos.

Videos They'll LOVE

The secret to getting found on YouTube is to make videos that your ideal views are already watching. Who is your channel for, and how do you know what they'll love? We'll work through that together in this challenge.

Get Recommended

You found my YouTube channel because the YouTube Algorithm recommended my video to you. It can do the same thing for you, once you know how to get its attention by making videos your dream audience loves.

Join the YouTube Success Challenge

"It was the best training investment I've made in a long time. I felt so empowered that I met the objective to publish and market my first Youtube video after five days. 

It was amazing!"


Melody Carter

Accountability partners are powerful!

I met 2 amazing women when I did the YouTube Success Challenge, and that has been a great support for me!


Black Women Build Wealth

Join the YouTube Success 5 Day Challenge


Join the 5 Day Challenge


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  • 5 days of group coaching
  • Individual feedback
  • Community with other Black women who have something to share
  • Invitation to join YouTube Success Society

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Join the YouTube Success Challenge

During the YouTube Success 5 Day Challenge, you will learn...

  • Why your videos aren't getting views now.
  • How to teach YouTube who would like your content. 
  • How frequently you should be posting new videos.
  • What matters MORE than your thumbnail.

People are WAITING to hear from you 


I'm Stephanie Perry, the host of the YouTube Success Challenge. My YouTube channel is 3 years old, and it fuels my coaching business and my House Sitter School program. And that means I can work from wherever in the world the wifi is good and the sun is shining.

I can't even tell you how long I procrastinated on starting my YouTube channel. I thought I needed expensive equipment and a whole lot more technical skill than I'll ever have. 

But I took the leap.

Now, I have 140,000+ YouTube subscribers whose lives are changed by the videos I make and the community we've created together. 

You don't need to have any magical YouTube abilities to get that.
You just need a coach!


Join the YouTube Success Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

This beautiful experience took me out of my comfort zone with grace and ease. Stephanie's presence was so genuine and patient. No matter what the comment or question was, she held space for everyone with positive and encouraging feedback.

This was truly a wonderful experience and the perfect nudge to help me jump on out there!

I'm so grateful for this training and the interaction with all of my Challenge Sisters. Gratitude to Stephanie and team for this power packed, well informed Challenge! Thank you so much!

Pascha G.

Stop putting it off!

You have something to say. Build your YouTube platform today and let the transformations begin. 

If you want to finally start your YouTube channel — or if you already have a channel that isn't growing — join this challenge!


Join the YouTube Success Challenge